Rear Extension

More space for living in the vehicle

– with rear extension and pop-up roof

You would like to have a larger living space in your vehicle? You want more space, more movement space in bad weather and more headroom when camping. But you want to continue to enjoy all the benefits of the LandCruiser and don’t want to switch to a larger vehicle.

Actually a contradiction? Not with our rear extension with pop-up roof.

Step by step towards rear extension


  • Our vehicle body extension consists of insulated aluminium sandwich components, custom-made with 45 ° slant rear and 45 ° dustproof back door.
  • This creates a length of the body extension of max. 1500 mm axis overhang; a width equal to the vehicle width and a height of max. 2280 mm in loaded state.
  • Roof shell with gas pressure springs - to open the rear.
  • Airtex tent with 2 side openings including mosquito net, colour on request.
  • Interior trim made of sheet aluminium RAL9016 powder coated and light grey carpet. 2 side roof rack rails.
  • Back door with 45 ° slant and double sealing.
  • Paintwork in the original body colour or other desired custom colour is possible.

We offer conversions for vehicles with 2, 3 or 4 original doors and 4 doors with original VDJ200.

Instead of the pop-up roof choose our pop- up sleeping roof and achieve not only more headroom when camping but also a generous sleeping space in the "upper floor". More detailed information about our pop up sleeping roof can be found here (link).

Of course, we design and equip the interior of the newly created living room according to your wishes and needs and properly form a complete mobile apartment. (Link to interior design)

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