Get to know our highly qualified team:


The head of Tom's Fahrzeugtechnik
After many years of professional experience as an automotive mechanical technician and with Toyota LandCruisers, in particular the J4 and J7 models, Tom decided in 2001 to establish "Tom's Fahrzeugtechnik" and to combine his expertise with his passion for the LandCruiser. His own passion for off-road travel allows him to test vehicles and equipment under different conditions and to develop the optimal solution for all types of travel. Consistent outcomes are creative ideas for the development of new technologies and innovative solutions, such as the intercooler system and the extra light roof box. Tom himself regularly leads the tour groups or runs scouting trips to interesting new countries and regions for his customers to unlock new destinations. On many tours he puts new solutions and developments on the acid test.

Tom composes his team with highly qualified staff members from different specialised areas. The team of Tom's Fahrzeugtechnik consists of 12 employees. Tom and his "crew" are a skilled workforce who have successfully completed education or are people who have been trained at Tom's. Through continuous development by specialised training all employees keep up-to-date. We are proud to have 3 masters in operation, in which each year they successfully train automotive mechanics. The customer gets high quality standards. For special requirements or developments Tom always involves external specialists to achieve the best possible results for his customers.


Our Office Manager
Ruth is the good spirit of our office and your first contact for all administrative matters. She and her customer service team coordinate your requests and ensure that they are always routed to the right person to be processed fast and efficiently. The team provides professional processing of orders, consignment and is the contact for any accounting questions.


International sales contact
Thomas is our international sales representative and drives our business outside Germany. He is our “European”: born in Belgium, German nationality, raised in France and Spain, he speaks fluently several languages. He will be happy to advise you and take care of you, being the perfect link between you and our company. Thomas is the first contact for both international customers and distributors.


Division manager engines, transmission and axles technology
Klaus heads the engine, gearbox and axle technology division. He draws on an enormous amount of experience which he has gained in our company in more than 10 years. As a skilled engineer and motorcycle master, he joined our company and has developed into a specialist in motors, transmissions and axles technology. Not only is overhaul and repairing his domain, he also provides a perfect setting of engines, transmissions, axles, fuel injection pumps and turbochargers. The requirements for our vehicles are far more than the "everyday normal", because it requires the most robust technology and specially tuned components and settings to meet the demands on long-distance and world travel. This responsibility is in the best hands with Klaus.

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