Water disinfection

clean healthy water on the go

Travel healthy - clean healthy water on the go with "Nature Pure" filters - because polluted water makes you sick!

Depending on the continent and country one has to expect diverse pathogens in drinking water. These include bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. The consequences can be unpleasant to life-threatening. There are different methods to control or kill them. We recommend our customers use sterilization with "Nature Pure" filtering from General Ecology, which we install by default in all our vehicles.

The water filters from General Ecology operate on the principle of simultaneous germicidal-absolute-filtration, adsorption and static flocculation factors. They reliably remove bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites without the use of chemicals.


  • Thus no residues of chemical disinfectants arise (which might mess up the intestinal flora with their bactericidal properties)
  • The water is not warmed up as with UV methods or water boiling and thereby does not promote germ reproduction
  • In contrast to UV, chemicals or boiling, bacteria and their metabolic products are not only inactivated, but also completely removed
  • Also, bad taste and odor are reliably eliminated

Pre-filter for water filter

To extend the life of the filter cartridge, the use of a pre-filter is recommended. It is installed in the main line and filters suspended solids from the water.

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