Cooking & washing


Whether you prefer a gas or diesel cooker. We have the perfect solution for you.

Both techniques have advantages and disadvantages.

For all variants we offer the optimal solution and best quality.

Gas Cooker

Advantages: Disadvantages:
Multiple cooking zones at maximum power possible Gas cylinder must be housed and transported properly
The mobile version allows you to work both inside and outside of the vehicle Gas cylinders are not available everywhere in the world
Space-saving combination of gas cooker and sink available Good planning of gas reserve required

Diesel Cooker

Advantages: Disadvantages:
Diesel is always on board and the fuel is extracted directly from the tank Cooking is only possible on one plate (only keeping warm or heating on a second plate)
Diesel is available worldwide Non-mobile and available only for use inside of the vehicle

Portable gas cooker from Enders

Indoor or outdoor cooking? With the flexible gas cooker from Enders you do have the free choice every day.

With the mobile gas stove from Enders, you can easily cook indoors and outdoors. The Enders gas cooker is used by many of our customers on their worldwide tours and they appreciate its reliability and flexibility. If it’s cold and wet they just cook in the vehicle. But why cook indoors when the weather is nice and the scenery is fantastic?

A modern gas cooker with two or three continuously variable burners in stainless steel. The housing and the removable lid of optionally coated steel or stainless steel has been designed for easy cleaning. The pot grate is extremely stable and made of chrome. The level control in the feet of the stove always allows horizontal placement. It’s optionally equipped with a safety pilot, which ensures that the gas path remains open only with existing, stable flame. Thus, the leakage of unburned gas is prevented.

Enders - promises maximum safety in the smallest space.
From the beginning of the industrialization the Enders name stands for innovation. The breakthrough came in the 50s with camping stoves. Today they are the specialist for gas combustion devices.


  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Burner cap made of sturdy stainless steel
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Stable, chromed pan rust
  • Precise level control
  • Emission levels far below DIN standard

Customer vehicles with mobile gas cooker

Gas cooker / sink combination from Dometic

Cooking on travel with pleasure and fun - with the right kitchen equipment it’s not an art

To enjoy preparing tasty meals with pleasure within limited space, everything must fit
together. Dometic products are designed in accordance with these requirements and are continuously updated, they offer cooking in comfort .

We build the combination of 2 burner hob and sink with glass lid into all our rear extensions as a standard for several years. Feedback from our customers is very good, even under harsh world travel conditions so far no problems have arisen.

Recommended by traveling chefs
Dometic is the leading manufacturer of cooking appliances for the global caravan industry. They are experts for cooking with gas on the road and this knowledge is build in all cookers, hobs and sinks for a comfortable cooking. Intelligent design, future-oriented production and best materials ensure a long life for mobile kitchens.

Combination of 2-burner hob and sink with glass lid
Combine cooking and washing in one device. The compact cooking / washing combination provide two hobs and a sink. After work, easily fold down the integrated glass lid and thus have a more working space.


  • Lid made of heat-resistant safety glass
  • Detachable chromed pot grids
  • Enamelled burner caps
  • 12 volt electronic ignition
  • Safety ignition
  • AC 540 siphon
  • Rubber seal, with hole for tap (Ø 39 mm)


  • Minimum gas and energy consumption
  • Equipped with special environmentally friendly gas burners
  • For maximum performance at minimum cooking time
  • Economical consumption reduces energy costs

Customer vehicles with gas cooker / sink combinati

Built-in sink with glass lid

We offer matching sinks for tight installation situations, in round or square , always compact dimensions- with practical glass cover that is easily folded down after rinsing and serves as an additional work surface.


  • Abdeckung aus temperaturbeständigem Sicherheitsglas
  • Siphon AC 540
  • Gummidichtung, mit Bohrung für Wasserhahn (Ø 39 mm)

Webasto diesel cooker

The Webasto Diesel Cooker X100 is especially interesting for those who want to use only one type of fuel on board. All those who enjoy traveling for sure will appreciate the fact that they can rely on diesel when cooking.

The released heat during the combustion of the fuel is transferred to the CERAN® cooking surface. The ceramic plate consists of one cooking surface for "cooking" and one to keep warm (or heating) of the meals.


  • 1.9 kW cooking power
  • Is powered by the diesel from the vehicle tank
  • Elegant design by CERAN® cooking surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Warning light to display a hot CERAN® cooking surface
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