Froli Travel

- perfect comfort and optimal ventilation of the mattress

The flexible spring elements form a bed base and create an articulated airflow surface. The springs perfectly adapt to one’s body, and thus ensure point by point pressure relief. The spine is positioned in an orthopedically correct way, preventing back pain and tense muscles.

Modular design allows it to be optimally adapted to the different requirements and bed ergonomics. Feather elements in three degrees of hardness can be combined as required to create an optimal support for the shoulders and body as well as lordosis support. The open, air-permeable system ensures perfect ventilation of the mattress.

The Froli Travel is suitable for all bed shapes in motor vehicles. The system can be clipped tight, medium or wide to compensate for individual dimensions.


  • Extremely low height
  • Construction height: 3.3 cm
  • Weight per piece: 73 g
  • Weight per square meter: 2.6 kg

3 degrees of hardness

  • Light blue spring elements (soft) are particularly soft to allow the sensitive shoulder zone to sink into the mattress
  • Blue spring elements (standard) have the optimum hardness for the rest of the body
  • red tensioning clips can be clipped into the spring elements in order to increase the degree of hardness in various areas, e.g. for lordosis support
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