Flexible table system

- for indoor and outdoor use

The flexible table system offers several functions with just one table top - clever and space-saving - can be used as a table in the interior of the cabin and as a table outdoors.

For interior use, the table top is fixed on a stand and on a rail. This makes it extremely stable and it can still be positioned very flexibly - whether as a work table in the "kitchen area" or as a dining table in front of the seats.

For outdoor use, a foldable, compact tripod is simply installed underneath the stand and the free-standing outdoor table is ready.

The table top is stored in a completely space-saving way, for example, behind the passenger seat.

In addition, the table top can also be fixed between the driver's cab and the camper cabin to close the passage. This can, for example, be an advantage in the case of a RoRo shipment.

Furthermore, the table top can be used to create a bed surface downstairs.


  • Table top made of sturdy, washable materialGuide rail in the camper cabinRemovable stand
  • Optional: Compact, foldable tripod for use as a free-standing outdoor table
  • Optional: With fixing device and material for mounting in the passage
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