Tailgate shower tent

Tom's shower tent – taking an outdoor shower without a shower tent for protection, is simply unthinkable in many situations and regions.

A nice hot or refreshing shower -
a pleasant luxury after a long, tiring, dusty, or frosty day of riding

How disappointing if the environment or weather does not allow an "outdoor shower" without protection and one has none? Or the structure is too time-consuming and complicated?

Therefore, we recommend a Tom's shower tent, made exclusively for our rear extensions with flap door at the rear. The folded-up rear door is used actively and the tent is simply hung over the door. In just 20 seconds set up and ready to use. The resulting "space" can be used not only as a shower room as well as rain and wind protected vestibule.

Specially hand and custom made for Tom's Fahrzeugtechnik from high quality materials.

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