Casemaker furniture

Extremely stable, lightweight and tailored

The robust trail suitable interior for your mobile home

We make our interior designs in lightweight construction with original "Casemaker"

Furniture will be tailored to your individual needs - planned, constructed and installed from our specialists. Through our many years of experience we offer the best advice and solutions for different vehicle types and requirements. This includes the selection of technical components as well as the optimum consideration of storage space and free space needs. Perfect solutions for well-planned kitchens, the discrete placement of the toilet, maximum storage space, custom seats and beds are part of our design standard.


We design our interiors in lightweight construction. Our "flight cases" consist of plastic coated 7mm birch plywood with film inside and come with glued and riveted stiff and sturdy aluminum profiles (original "Case Maker"). The entire construction is fixed on a highly stable and very tough 15mm plywood panel firmly bolted to the vehicle floor board. Combining a minimum of weight with a maximum of proven stability!

Also, your requirement on design and taste will be fulfilled. Choose from a wide range of colors to your individual desired color.

We will be happy to advise you.

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