Terrain Tamer

Australian products in robust, durable "Outback" quality

We at Tom's Fahrzeugtechnik offer a wide range of Terrain Tamer products, Terrain Tamer stands not only for an excellent price-performance ratio but, more importantly, an exceptional robustness and durability of their products. When traveling, you rely on the proper functioning of each part and their perfect interaction. Each piece of Terrain Tamer is made with great experience and attention to detail and is extensively tested under the harshest conditions.

Another strength of Terrain Tamer is that parts are available not only individually but also in optimally compiled "kits". So you are always fully equipped, all parts are perfectly matched and have the same high quality standard.

The brand Terrain Tamer

Even today, there's not only the name Allan Gray behind the quality of the Terrain Tamer products, but also himself. Although he is 79 years old Allan acts actively as chief engineer of Terrain Tamer. Thus his experience continues to flow into each product and at the same time he gives his invaluable wealth of knowledge to the younger generation.

Terrain Tamer stands for robust and durable 4x4 spare parts and accessories. The company was founded in 1969, all forces focus on the development and advancement of the product, because on the one hand they have to meet the expectations in the extreme conditions in the Australian outback on the other hand an optimal price-quality ratio.

In order to meet such a high quality promise, they are applying the long and excellent experience of Terrain Tamer into each individual product, all carefully developed, constructed and tested. Only under these conditions, this range could have one of the leading and most reliable brands in the world - wherever possible improvements flow into the product development. Thus, the functional specifications remain original but mostly with a higher robustness and durability.

For each product, which Terrain Tamer introduced into market, there is a rigorous attention to detail and thorough testing under the toughest outback conditions.

Terrain Tamer provides a worldwide distribution and warehousing network. Staffed by experts to give advice on spares and a fast efficient service delivered to customers.

Terrain Tamer therefore offers exactly what 4x4travelers need: Highest quality at the best value and perfect service.

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