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on the go not only a welcome change but very helpful in many situations and a security aspect - with an amateur mobile device

If you are traveling with more than one vehicle, a mobile phone can be a welcome change because one can communicate with each other especially on long trips - whether for fun or useful and important information. Thus the leading vehicles can for example give information about distance and obstacles to the following car.

But even if you just go on tour with only one vehicle, a radio is a wise purchase. With an additional handset the "2nd Man / Woman" will be reachable and audible outside of the vehicle. Whether in warding in tricky situations or when exploring confusing routes - you are always in direct contact - not only a comfort aspect, but also a safety factor.

At Tom's Fahrzeugtechnik we use:

Specifications Yaesu FT-1900 E:

  • Transmitter (TX): 144-146 MHz
  • Receiver (RX): 144-146 MHz
  • Password protection
  • 55 Watt transmit power
  • As a "Low Power" option it can be switched to 5, 10 and 25 watts when no full power is needed
  • 220 memory channels (alphanumeric)
  • NF Power 3 Watt
  • Receiving Frequency: from 136 to 174MHz
  • Large 6-digit LCD display
  • Backlit keyboard and microphone for fast safe use at night
  • CTCSS / DCS decoders and encodersMorse Trainer ((numbers, letters, groups of 5, different speeds)
  • Tuning steps: 5/10/12.5/15/20/25/50/100 kHz
  • Power Supply 13.8V, 0.7A upon receipt, max. 10 A when sending (50W)
  • Frequency stability of +/- 10ppm
  • Filing +/- 600 kHz
  • Dimensions: 140 x 40 x 146 mm
  • Weight 1200 g

Scope of delivery Yaesu FT-1900 E:

  • Gerät
  • Bedienungsanleitung
  • Stromkabel
  • DTMF-Mike
  • Mobilhalterung
  • Ersatzsicherung

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Technical data DB 271:

  • DCS 105 digital codes and 50 CTCSS tones encoder / decoder
  • DTMF (in press)
  • Vox function
  • 128 memory
  • Clone function
  • Display Backlight
  • Transmitter power switch 5 W / 1 W
  • Repeater shift + / - switchable 0 to 69.950 MHz
  • Frequency bands 136-174 and 400 - 470 MHz to send and receive
  • Simultaneous display of both bands possible
  • Delayed transmission: for example, Send to 2m and received on 70 cm
  • Bandwidth: 12.5 or 25 kHz
  • Switching to channel display possible
  • Channel and frequency display or an alphanumeric number of channels
  • WFM radio reception 87-108 MHz
  • PC programmable with optional programming set
  • Ringtone 1750Hz for repeater access
  • Scan function
  • Priority channel
  • Roger Beep function (can be disabled)
  • Stopwatch function
  • At low battery power: warning via voice output "low battery pack" and flashing LED

Scope of delivery DB 271:

  • 1 DB 270 Amateurfunk Handgerät
  • intelligenter Standlader
  • 7.4 V, 1300 mAh Li-Ion Akkupack
  • Antenne
  • Gürtelclip
  • Bedienungsanleitung

Use exclusively for licensed amateur radio operators.

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