Lashing rails

the optimal, off-road-capable fastening and securing rails.

Originally coming from the aviation industry, they are used to fasten the passenger seats to the floor, nowadays airline rail systems are an integral part in the flexible secure fastening in off road area.

The uniform perforation and the close spacing of the rails make them extremely flexible and adaptable. A variety of available fittings and straps ensure optimum fastening
. The rails are aluminum alloy and the fittings high-strength steel alloys. Compared to conventional anchor rails lashing rails are far superior in strength, weight and dimension. Due to the varied forms of the rails they can be used for attached (semicircular) or for recessed installation (rectangular). Through proper fitting or gluing they offer optimum strength with small dimensions and weight.

Outside the vehicle or mounted on the roof, the rail systems provide optimum and secure fastening of materials of various kinds. Also the best way of attaching sand plates.

Inside the vehicle materials can also be securely stowed permanently or temporarily.

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