Fluid tank bumper

Create additional, flexible water or diesel reserves with a tank bumper

The tank bumper provides a flexible reserve either for water or diesel, because it may be mounted or demounted as required. This can be in addition to auxiliary tanks attached on the vehicle. For an optimal weight distribution, a much better alternative to cans on the roof.

By default, the outlet is located directly to the front bumper. Optionally it can also be connected with an adapter directly to the water or diesel supply system of the vehicle.

In warm climates, the water quickly heats up in the anthracite colored bumper and is therefore available for a warm shower.


  • Content: approx. 40 liter
  • 35mm fill opening
  • Ball valve drain
  • License plate holder
  • Weight: only 10 kg
  • Plastic coated in anthracite
  • TÜV Compliant

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