TRABOLD oil microfilter

Protect your engine, your wallet and the environment - with the TRABOLD oil microfilter

Make yourself independent from workshops for an annoying but necessary oil change even on long trips. With the TRABOLD filters you can drive up to 50,000 km without oil changes. Simply replace the filter insert every 10,000 km.

TRABOLD oil microfilter - for a more intelligent use of the oil in your vehicle. The beginning goes back for more than 40 years and the benefits have been proven by scientific studies and practice tests for years.

The patented TRABOLD high performance filter successfully affects the use-related oil change process in the chemical and physical sector. Thus, the conventional oil change can occur much less frequently and in addition the engine and system deterioration is significantly reduced.

It spares the usual oil change interval and you save money as well as annually millions of tons of high quality raw material. The filter works for petrol and diesel engines.

The Filter Housing

The TRABOLD filter system consists of a high-quality, anodised aluminium housing with heat dissipating fins independent from the engine, which can crucially lower the oil temperature in the peak areas. The Trabold filter is constructed as oil cooler. One of the many reasons why oil does not or only rarely needs to be changed.

The Filter Insert

The heart of the TRABOLD filter is a newly developed high-performance filter element with radial and axial filtering that operates largely pressing free. It filters dirt particles up to 1/10 microns (ten thousandths of a millimetres) and bounds water. The radial and axial filtering allows a reduction of the filter housing in volume and an economically better use of the filter element.

The resistance to flow through a porous mass is not an unsolvable physics problem anymore because the filter inserts, whether coarse or fine pores, can work even under pressure almost pressing free. This allows the use of fine pores filter material which however can fine filter liquids such as oil even under high pressures, as in the hydraulic field, directly on engines and technical equipment.

Micro-fine filtration can reach:

  • Analytically pure oil
  • Reliable lubrication and cooling, even under extreme conditions (turbo proven)
  • Better engine running due to lower friction
  • Reduced fuel and oil consumption
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs
  • Extended lifetime of the engine
  • Reduction / elimination of highly toxic waste oil
  • Active environmental protection

There is a three year warranty on the filtering system

The built-in filter does not need to be shown to TÜV or other inspection agencies. With the installation of TRABOLD filter not a structural modification to the engine, which would require approval.

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