Intercooler system

Intercooler system for the 1HDT turbo diesel engine - for lower consumption while simultaneously increasing engine performance.

Increased effectiveness of the 1HDT motor with improved airflow and reduce charge air temperature.

The intercooler system reduces the consumption of 1 HZ engines by approximately 15-20% with a simultaneous increase in performance of about 20%.

Example calculation:

  • Tank capacity of 290 litres (main tank 90 + rear tank 200 litres)
  • • Consumption: approximately 13.5 litres
  • Normal range: 2.150 Km
  • Range with a new intercooler system approx 2470-2580 Km
  • Diesel cost savings at 1.50 € / litre: approximately 4.000,- €/100 000 Km

Scope of services:

  • Adjustment of the intake air passage
  • Installation of the intercooler system
  • Adjustment of the hood
  • Adjustment of the injection pump
  • Tuning of the boost pressure

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