Fuel system - auxiliary tanks

Autonomy on long journeys

-a larger range of your vehicle by adding diesel tanks

Additional fuel allows you to travel long distances without infrastructure - essential for expedition vehicles.

Therefore, we offer different built-in tank systems and auxiliary fuel tanks. Depending on your requirements, this may not only differ from the capacity, but also on the execution.

In-house developed additional fuel tanks made ​​of steel for customised solutions.

All tanks will be professionally installed with VDO fuel gauge and TÜV certified.


  • Through the installation of our optional dual filler neck instead of the standard filler neck no body work is needed.

Durch den Einbau unseres optionalen Doppeltankstutzens anstelle des Standardeinfüllstutzens sind keine Karosseriearbeiten nötig.

Different versions for rear or centre tank

  • Rear tank 200 l (HZJ 75/78/79)
  • Rear tank 200 l (HZJ / HDJ 80), incl. double filler neck, filling via orig. fuel filler flap
  • Rear tank 180 l (HZJ / HDJ 100/105), incl. double filler neck, filling via orig. fuel filler flap
  • Centre tank 145 l (HZJ 75/78/79), incl. double filler neck, filling via orig. fuel filler flap. Attention! Here, the exhaust has to be replaced by a side exhaust system

Range Example: HZJ78/79

  • Front: Original Toyota diesel tank: 90L
  • Center: Water tank 100L
  • Rear: Additional diesel tank 200L

Total 290L diesel and range of approximately 2000 - 2500 km.

You want an additional, perhaps more flexible diesel reserve? No problem. We also offer Bumpers with integrated diesel tank.

As accessories we offer pumps, switching valves and filters.

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