Always clean fuel

- for the engine with Tom's “Double Diesel Filter Solution” - even if the fuel quality in many countries is poor and you always have to expect polluted diesel.

Dirt and water in the diesel are poison for your engine; however in many countries clean diesel is either not or rarely available. To prevent damage caused by pollution, we install a Double Diesel Filter System into all our vehicles by default.


The system consists of a pre-filter with sight glass and a washable metal filter element for coarse impurities. Through the sight glass the level of pollution is visible at a glance. By simply unscrewing the filter can be washed, cleaned and reused. The main filter has a water trap to filter out adulterated water. The system also has a deaeration pump and a fuel pre-heater for extreme cold. The replacement filter cartridge is either available as original part or from Terrain Tamer. Thus, they are available worldwide.


  • Easy to clean, reusable pre-filter
  • Efficient separation and high dirt holding capacity with only very low pressure loss
  • Water is filtered out efficiently
  • For extreme cold with integral fuel heater
  • Filter cartridges available worldwide


The only maintenance required is the replacement of the filter cartridge.

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Integrated fuel pre-heater

- effective solution against cold problems of diesel (standard with new HZJ)

You want to travel to Tibet, Nepal, Russia, the Andes or other areas where it can get really cold? Then you should be prepared for possible cold problems with your diesel engine to effectively prevent this in advance.

The problem:

High sub-zero temperatures lead to flocculation of diesel fuel and biofuels. The fuel forms wax crystals and is getting jelly-like and flaky. These flakes are floating in the fuel towards the filter and gum up the microporous filter surface. After a short time the flow of fuel to the injection pump is first getting obstructed and then quickly runs dry.

The result is that the engine loses power and stops.

Additives and gasoline blending are

no satisfactory solution.
The fuel admixed gasoline or added additives do not offer a real solution and are of limited help only. They can adversely affect the performance and life of the engine and must already be added before the onset of cold weather. Gasoline will damage the injection pump and additives are often incompatible with the fuel. Diesel additives coat the cold-related paraffin crystals. These go through the filter and injection into the cylinder and burn there insufficiently. The engine stinks - that means it is half burnt - this is a waste of energy, harmful and undesired.

Even winter diesel effect is limited:

If available, winter diesel does not guaranteed smooth engine running at low temperatures. Winter diesel is laboratory tested to -20 ° C. At even lower temperatures and / or wind chill the engine operation is far from certain. In any case, the engine running is unclean, and there is a measurable increase in fuel consumption.

If the fuel filter is once clogged, only the application of heat can help to solve the problem quickly
. Heat ensures the engine operating on each fuel at each temperature, and prevents increased winter consumption.

But how do you get the heat to the right place quickly and safely?

The solution:

The diesel fuel pre-heater is the effective and permanent solution to avoid thermal problems with diesel.

The diesel fuel pre-heater is mounted in front of the filter input and is heating the fuel with a small heating system. Thus, the bonding of the filter pores is reliably prevented even at extremely low temperatures. The energy-rich paraffin crystals are dissolved by heat in seconds and the fuel passes through unhindered and without sticking to the filter.

Due to the temperature-controlled heating of the fuel cold-related operational problems are effectively eliminated at the critical point of the fuel system - economical and engine friendly.

The advantages are obvious:

  • Prevents flocculation in extreme cold and related problems with the fuel filter
  • Keeps fuel free flowing capable - even at extremely low temperatures
  • High reliable efficiency - by direct warming
  • Gentle engine warm-up - less fuel consumption
  • Economical and engine friendly by saving on diesel additives
  • Better soot behaviour and emission characteristics
  • TÜV tested technology - proven thousands of times
  • Care and maintenance-free system

We offer various solutions (for older HZJ's):

The retrofitting of the original Toyota system with integrated pre-heating in the fuel filter housing. In addition a pre-filter with sight glass. In this sight glass with filter element for coarse impurities you see dirt and wax precipitation. This prevents premature soiling of the main filter and can be bridged in extreme cold.

Or we offer the fuel pre-heater from the accessories - the simpler and less expensive solution.

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