Power management

IBS Battery Management System

Far away from any infrastructure and the engine does not start - the battery is empty – nobody wants to experience that - therefore prevent with the intelligent battery management system from IBS

The current management in an expedition vehicle is difficult and may include many components - alternator and solar for feeding, multiple batteries (starter and service battery) as well as start relay of the engine, air conditioning, radio, GPS, fridge, water heater, laptop, winch and many other systems as pantograph. Therefore we recommend an intelligent power management system with alarm functions to our customers.

The IBS Dual Battery System disconnect’s the starter battery from the on-board battery when the vehicle is stationary and connects them when the vehicle is running. In emergency situations a start can be performed via the on-board battery by using the manual "link function". The "Link" function also supports the use of electric recovery winches or inverter with high energy requirements.


  • All systems are equipped with the IBS 200A power relay
  • The battery monitor for dash board mounting provides information about the charge states of both batteries, charging voltage from the alternator and the link status of the IBS Relay
  • In addition, alarms (flashing LED and buzzer) for deep discharge of both batteries and link errors are displayed
  • Manual override (override function) of all battery monitors from IBS (DBS) for emergencies
  • Manual Link function (called load balancing "load sharing") for the flying start or when using high power devices such as an electric recovery winch, a high performance inverter or a compressor
  • A manual link is available for 30 min or 120 min
  • After 30 minutes or when activating the Auto mode, the system returns to the fully automatic mode
  • Small Internal power consumption <1mA
  • Overvoltage protection (spikes) on both batteries
  • Ready to use if only one battery is present
  • 5 years warranty (CE, FCC, RoHS Compliant)
  • Waterproof electronics for safe operation in the engine compartment
  • 24V system available (IBS-DBR / 24V)

Alarm and safety functions:

  • Manual battery connection reminder: If the battery connection was manually activated for 180 minutes, every 30 seconds a beep will sound to remind you (Auto Return after the time has expired)
  • Low battery alarm for starter battery: Red LED slow flashing frequency & beep
  • Low battery alarm for on-board battery: Red LED lights with faster flashing frequency & beep
  • Link failure alarm: Monitor system monitors the charging status on both batteries. If at applied load (alternator, solar, charger) no charge is detected on the other battery, the link error alarm is indicated by a flashing green LED "linked" and beep sounds
  • Disabling automatic and manual dual battery-Link function: If there is a problem on the auxiliary battery (Aux) as cell circuit, short circuit or defective battery case, the alternator works in short circuit, which can cause damage to the generator (alternator). In an emergency, the battery system can now be operated in the vehicle base configuration (alternator, starter battery without charge to the auxiliary battery). This function can be reset (reset) after solving the battery problem of the auxiliary battery. Then the system works with all active functions again.
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