Headlight Lazer Lamps ST 4

The ST-4 lamps for excellent visibility and optimal illumination

The design is extremely compact and slim, and it provides a remarkable output. That powerful that it can easily be measured with xenon high beams. The robust design is also a guarantee for a reliable and long-lasting use in off-road applications.

The ST-4 is certainly the most versatile headlamp from Lazer Lamps. Lazer Lamps Ltd, founding in 2010, is a leading UK manufacturer of auxiliary automotive driving lights founded on the principles of bringing world class technology to its customers.

Light is dispersed in a combination of spot/flood beam pattern and provides excellent coverage and a wide illumination at close and medium distance range. The range is about 400 meters.

Design and material selection fill the slogan "Built to last" with life:

  • Fully aluminium enclosure
  • Gore-tex breather membrane
  • Thermal management
  • Virtually unbreakable Polycarbonate lens
  • Hardcoat

The ST-4 is a world class high performance lighting product, which is built to last.

The LEDs used with the lamps are from a world leader in LED technology, and symbolic of all components, they have been designed and sourced with an uncompromising commitment to quality and performance. The expected life is over 50,000 hours of operation. The Lazer Easy mount system allows to mount the lamps in various ways and vertically to connect several lamps together.

Intelligent current control (soft start ramping), and Pulse Width Modulation deliver extreme luminosity and durability.

The ST-4 lamp is available with us in the color black.


  • 4 x 10 Watt LEDs
  • Width 200 mm
  • Height: 72 mm
  • Depth: 84 mm
  • Weight is 0.5 kg
  • Attachment via a central sliding mount bracket for top and bottom mounting and with a 10mm thread
  • Cable: Length 70 cm
  • Plug is included

The ST series is approved to SAE and ECE regulations as a high-beam headlight.



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