Rear-view camera

- as parking assistant and rear-view mirror

Our twin-lens reversing camera covers two requirements. Through a close-range camera, obstacles can be detected directly behind the vehicle and make parking a child's play. The wide-angle camera replaces the mid-range mirror and provides a wide, clear view to the rear.

The dual camera integrates two separate camera modules in a super compact housing. The 140° wide-angle lens provides more safety when reversing, while the 50° lens allows good visibility in the range far behind the vehicle. The use of two separate lenses ensures excellent image quality in both modes. With this technology, the camera distinguishes itself from other double camera systems available on the market, which often provide a distorted image with a wide-angle lens in the long range.

The Dometic PerfectView CAM44 color dual camera with shutter is equipped with two lenses and a motorized cover for protection against dirt. The color camera with integrated microphone is installed in aluminum housing and transmits picture and sound via cable to a monitor. It can operate manually or automatically. The CAM44 has a close-vision lens for the area immediately behind the vehicle and a lens for long range. For more precise maneuvering, the camera generates three distance marks when reversing, which are displayed as colored lines on a connected color monitor. Infrared LEDs, which react to the lighting conditions, ensure better night vision. No matter where you are traveling, as far as safety is concerned, there is no compromise.


  • Dimensions: depth 65 mm, height 70 mm, width 100 mm
  • Net weight 0.4 kg
  • Input voltage (DC) 12/24 V
  • IP protection class IP68
  • Brightness adjustment: Electronic
  • Light sensitivity <1/0 with LED lux
  • Mirror function: Can be set
  • Min. Operating temperature -30.00 ° C
  • Max. Operating temperature 70.00 ° C
  • Diagonal angle of view - close range 140.00 °
  • Diagonal angle of view - long distance 50.00
  • Horizontal image angle - close range 100.00 °
  • Horizontal image angle - long range 35.00 °
  • Resolution 290000 px
  • Vertical image angle - close range 72.00 °
  • Vertical image angle - long range 28.00 °
  • Video format PAL
  • Vibration resistance 6.00 g

The camera image is displayed on a 7 "LCD color display in the cab.


  • Automatic or manual switch-on
  • Automatic day / night switching
  • Normal or mirror image function
  • Image setting can be saved for each camera
  • Speaker
  • LED backlighting
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 186 x 145 x 120 mm (including mounting bracket)
  • Screen diagonal 7 " (178 mm) (visible image)
  • Operating voltage 12 - 30 V DC
  • Power consumption 12 W
  • Resolution of 337,000 pixels
  • Video standard PAL / NTSC automatic
  • Operating temperature -20° C to +70° C
  • Vibration resistance 5 g
  • Weight (approx.) 450 g
  • Image brightness 400 cd / m²
  • Dimmer automatically via LDR
  • Camera inputs 3 with signal detection
  • Mirror function switchable
  • Approval marks e-certified (EMC guidelines for motor vehicles)
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