Batteries from MOLL

Batteries from MOLL - ideal for cars with lots of electrical equipment and in hot climates.

Good energy management
is an important topic and contributes not only to the comfort but also critically to safety. The right batteries are an important component. Therefore, in our cars we rely on batteries from MOLL.

The accumulator factory MOLL has supplied for 65 years, "Premium Quality Made in Germany" and is still family owned. As a specialist MOLL has decisively influenced battery technology through innovation and has for decades been important battery supplier for the German automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers.

The EFB battery

This newly developed lead-acid battery is the best starter battery.


  • More than three times the cycle life (as compared to conventional batteries)
  • Highest thermal capacity (particularly in the engine compartment)
  • High number of consumers
  • Optimum protection against leakage

The MOLL EFB-technology combines the advantages and robustness of classic lead-acid battery with excellent power handling and more than three times the cycle life. It is ideal for use in start-stop / micro hybrid vehicles and / or vehicles with lots of electrical equipment. Due to the good thermal capacity they are favored particularly for installation in the engine compartment, but also for use in very hot climates.


The gel battery:

Optimally suitable as on-board battery.


  • More than 100Ah capacity
  • Ideal as a consumer battery
  • Also installed in the engine compartment
  • Highest cycle life with durability and heat resistance
  • Approximately 800 charge cycles compared to 300-400 at comparable AGM or standard batteries

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