Battery charger

Battery failure is the # 1 in global cause of vehicle breakdowns - therefore maintain your battery with a smart charger.

The battery is essential for the functions of your vehicle. 4x4 vehicles are exposed to particular stresses through heat, cold, moisture and dust - however starting the engine should be guaranteed in any situation. Therefore, charging of batteries is an essential part of vehicle maintenance and deserves as much attention as checking the tire pressure and oil levels.

The battery technology has evolved enormously in recent years and this development will continue even further. The result of this development is that batteries need to be charged and maintained in a very special way; not all chargers are capable of doing so. In addition, batteries are increasingly charged with the progress of the development of vehicle technology.

The MXS 10 is a charger with advanced technology. It is ideal for use in 4x4 vehicles and motor homes. The MXS 10 solves a broad range of battery problems. It provides a number of functions, such as battery diagnosis that shows if a battery can receive and retain a charge, a special reconditioning function that restores stratified deeply discharged batteries and a unique maintenance charging as well as a temperature sensor for optimised weather-independent charging. It also has a power supply mode which allows the battery to be disconnected from the vehicle without losing important configurations. The unique display allows the user to follow the entire charging process.

The MXS 10 is a fully automatic 8-step charger with a charging current of 10A for 12V batteries from 20 - 200Ah, as well as for maintenance charging up to 300Ah. The charger is IP65 built (protected against dust and splashing water), designed to protect vehicle electronics, is sparking, reverse polarity and short-circuit protected. It is supplied with a warranty of 2 years.

Volt 12 V
Rated Voltage: 220–240VAC, 50–60Hz
Charging voltage: NORMAL: 14.4V
COLD / AGM: 14.7 V
RECOND: 15.8 V
CHARGE: 13.6 V
Charging current: 10A max
AC: 1.0A effectively (at full charging current)
Ambient temperature: -20 ° C to + 50 ° C, output power is automatically reduced at high temperatures
Charger type: 8-step, fully automatic charging cycle
Battery types: All types of 12V lead-acid batteries (WET, MF, Ca / Ca, AGM and Gel)
Battery capacity: 20 to 200Ah, up to 300Ah for maintenance charging
Dimensions: 197 x 93 x 49 mm (L x B x H)
Insulation class: IP65
Weight: 0.8kg



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