Underbody protection

- Especially for remote off-road routes, an underride protection can be valuable as gold - even though it is made ​​of aluminum.

The LandCruiser is known for its reliability and robustness - therefore ideally suited for off-road passages far from civilization. Each unknown Off Road route involves unpredictable challenges. In a matter of seconds a hidden or overlooked stone can damage unprotected parts under the vehicle that much that a further driving is impossible. Always annoying but might even be fatal far from a workshop or a towing ability. You can simply and effectively prevent with an underbody protection.

The custom-fit and solid underbody protection made ​​of 8 mm aluminum and is highly durable and light. It reliably protects exposed and vulnerable parts of the vehicle such as the gearbox or radiator.
It also offers protection from rock slide, serves to reduce pollution, leads to noise reduction and better aerodynamics.

With us the custom-fit underbody protection is available for all Toyota HD models.

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