Shock absorber Tough Dog

- not only tough but also smooth and adjustable.

That’s how the Tough Dog legend began. Tough Dog shock absorbers come from Australia – from where else. Nowhere the requirements for a shock absorber are harder than in some areas of this continent. The use of tough, high-quality components has greatly contributed to Tough Dog unsurpassed reputation. Tough Dog has grown into a world famous brand, which is now exporting worldwide.

We at Tom's Fahrzeugtechnik rely on Tough Dog shock absorber for all our rear extensions as they are not only very stable and powerful but also individually adjustable from the outside.

With its large 70mm case, there are no other adjustable shock absorbers that can reach even nearly the same. Viton-seals, external end-stops, 22mm chrome rod, extra welds on all studs and O-rings make this shock absorber a special "Tough dog".


  • Adjustable strut with 9 clicks from the outside
  • 45mm inner bore
  • 70mm outer case
  • 22mm chrome rod
  • Multi-lip sealing ring
  • High temperature resistant synthetic oil

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