BF Goodrich tires

Choosing the right tires is particularly important for powerful off-road vehicles.

We recommend the reinforced AT (126) to our customers. Since the MT is very noisy on asphalt roads and has less bearing surface in sand, the reinforced AT is the best all-rounder -same stability with better comfort and longer service life.

The perfect all-rounder for long trips which is driven in various terrains. Actually an AT with almost all MT characteristics
- Extremely smooth running on the road
- Very stable on stones, boulders and slopes
- Perfect performance even with low air pressure
- High load even with the heaviest loads for long tours
- Maximum driving pleasure on all trails
- Excellent traction in any terrain
- Exceptional durability and lifetime
- Non-slip profile to the edge for high traction
- Robust mixture in the edge for optimum robustness
- Reinforced carcass for heavy off-road use
This tyre is specially designed for heavy US pickups and imported by us. The reinforced All Terrain has the profile of the AT but with the rubber mixture of the MT. Thus, a stable AT tyre.
The All Terrain T/A KO tyre is a flagship product when it comes to variety of applications, and provides maximum driving pleasure on all surfaces:
- The tread pattern has been extended up to the side walls
- Deep aggressive tread with high fin density
- Three-layer radial carcass with high reversal points
- Improved ground contact area
The Mud Terrain T/AKM2 can’t easily be impressed. The profile is specially designed for off-road use, to overcome all stumbling blocks. The performance characteristics and the look of this tyre were improved to offer the off-road driver a more robust tyre with extreme, yet unusual properties. If you want to go on, where the asphalt ends, the Mud Terrain T/AKM2 is an ideal partner!
The perfect all-rounder for long journeys
which must be driven in any terrain. Smooth running on roads, stable on gravel, rocks and slopes and also perfect with low air pressure.
Good traction
on all types of terrain through an extended edge profile and a deep and aggressive tread with numerous layers.
A to the edge drawn profile provides more traction, especially when driving with lowered tyre pressure.
A stable AT tyre with the profile of the AT and the rubber compound of the MT. It is designed for high load capacity and therefore perfect even with the heaviest of loads for long tours.
The specially reinforced carcass (three-layer) and an optimised ground contact area guarantee robustness and longevity.
Additional rubber edge
makes the tyre extremely robust. Stronger carcass cords in the edge provide excellent protection even in the toughest off-road operation, because sensitive edges can otherwise affect the ride comfort in difficult terrain. The robust mixture of the edges offers extra protection against cuts and abrasions.

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