Rims (aluminum & steel)

Rims for your LandCruiser.

Aluminum rims

Tom's Alloy Rims for all LandCruiser 70Series

The exclusive Tom's aluminum rims are available for all LandCruiser 70 Series with 5 hole-circle 5X150.
Specially designed for our customers, these alloy rims offers a considerable weight saving with high stability and durability.

Specifications Tom's Alloy Rim:

  • Size 8X16 ET -5
  • Load capacity of 1.400kg per rim
  • 10 kg weight advantage compared to steel rims
  • Available in black, silver and raw aluminum
  • For all LandCruiser 70 Series with 5 bolt circle 5X150

The advantage of the alloy rims is the considerably lower weight, which is particularly important with regard to the rear axle load limitation.

Special attention has to be paid to the quality and longevity of an alloy rim, since it can neither be repaired nor welded on the road.

Steel rim:

We offer the original steel rim of Toyota in different dimensions.

For LandCruisers, who are traveling mainly on slopes and in the terrain, tire dimension 255/85 R16 on the Toyota-steel rim 6,5J16 ET 0 mm (HZJ 78/79) or 6 J16 (HZJ 75) can be described as ideal tires.

A clear advantage of the steel rims is that these can be repaired and welded on the road. This is not possible with aluminium rims.

However you have to take into account the higher weight of a steel rim and the rear axle load limits.

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