OLD MAN EMU springs

- not only give sufficient ground clearance, but also safe driving in extremely bad road conditions, high loading capacity and a lot of driving comfort.

As the name suggests, these springs come from Australia, where the emu is native. Both have much in common: If an emu runs, it almost seems that his body floats – as it lies so quiet and motionless on the powerful legs. The legs even compensate the hardest bumps and shocks in difficult terrain. This is precisely the goal of OLD MAN EMU.

Ground clearance, safe handling, loading capacity and comfort - all these are requirements that are addressed to a 4x4 vehicle - especially in difficult terrain and on long-haul trips. That is why we recommend springs of OME to our customers for long haul and world travel. Depending on vehicle weight and the desired load or configuration, we optimise your vehicle through the selection of perfectly matching components. For example: If you have installed heavy additional attachments on the front axle, such as winch and bull bar, but in the rear you do not carry extra heavy loads, you need a combination of heavy front suspension and a lighter rear tune. However, if you also have a rear extension you also need a heavy tune in the rear. We will advise you about the right one for your configuration and thus the optimal performance of your vehicle.

We at Tom's are of the opinion that all individual components must be coordinated and designed to meet the requirements. We all know the saying: "The chain is only as strong as its weakest link".
Therefore with us you always get a "Complete OME suspension".


  • Greaseable shackles and frame bolts
  • Steering dampers
  • Caster Kit

Through a variety of combinations of components, you always get the right springs for your needs and your vehicle.

All OME suspension kits are supplied with German TÜV certificates.

OME service centres are widespread as of no other manufacturer for these type of springs worldwide. Since even the best can be broken, it is a comforting feeling not only to be on the road with excellent quality, but, just in case, also to have service available.

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