Brake systems

Good and reliable braking power is essential to long and demanding off-road travel.

Problems with the brakes may be very inconvenient on a tour. A good workshop and spare parts are often hard to find or simply not available, but the next slope down inevitable.

Therefore, we now offer improved brake discs and brake pads for Toyota LandCruiser HZJ71 /74/78/79/105 to improve the braking effect while being cold, warm and also hot.

DBA Brake Discs:

For this purpose, we use specially developed slotted rotors from DBA (Disc Brakes Australia). Compared to conventional discs these have improved characteristics which are based on various special features.

In the first place, there is the unique design of the innovative Kangaroo Paw technology. This technique achieves 20% more ventilation than conventional brake discs and was patented by DBA.

In the "Slotted version" additional slots provide the rapid removal of water, dirt and gases and the preservation of the braking force. The reduced brake fade is felt just then, when the "slotted" version is driven under high load.

Mountain slopes do not create any problems for the very reliable discs. The corrosion protection offers enhanced durability and higher safety of the brake discs.

Slotted Version

The "Slotted version" is a slotted disc that offers many advantages:

  • Temperature management through the Kangaroo Paw ventilation system and thermo-graphic markers
  • Extremely heat-resistant by the thermal-stability profile
  • Preservation of the braking force and reduced brake fade through the slotted design
  • Extended durability and increased security through corrosion protection
  • Reusable aluminium hub
  • Replacement brake disc available without hub

The discs of DBA are excellent and they have received multiple awards. In Australia they have received virtually every award in the past 30 years, which is awarded for excellent brake systems.

It’s best to combine the DBA brake discs with high quality brake pads, which demand highest performance from the disc.

Bendix - Brake pads

The HD-Bendix brake pads offer much better stability under heat and a better coefficient of friction.

Designed for particularly tough requirements
, these brake pads fit perfectly to the requirements of a Toyota LandCruiser. We source the Bendix brake pads directly via our partner Terrain Tamer, the European suppliers.

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