A winch - in situations that appear hopeless - sometimes the only working solution

It’s hardly and controversially discussed: winch yes or no?
In THE seemingly hopeless situations a winch may be the only working solution. But will one ever come into THIS situation? When securing, rescue or towing a very useful tool. Since it is always exposed to water and dirt, it needs a good and regular maintenance to ensure they really work in case needed.

That's why we at Tom's Fahrzeugtechnik offer our customers the waterproof electric winches "Terrain Tamer 9500 Water Resistant" to make sure that rain, mud and splashes do not affect the performance of the winch.

Each electric winch is totally rebuild in Australia by technicians to ensure the highest of quality workmanship.

The raw steel found in the motor and gears is hand sprayed with a urethane coat to prevent rust and corrosion. All matching surfaces are silicone sealed to prevent water entry. The winch drum supports are machined to accept a full-face seal, thus preventing water from entering the gearbox and brake area. All seals are coated in waterproof grease before re-assembly and electrical solenoids are waterproof as supplied.

Once reassembled, the Terrain Tamer Electric Winch is water resistant to any rain, mud or spray that is found in extreme 4WD conditions. It’s also best prepared against the onset of rust that can occur when a winch is submersed during river crossings.

The expertise and attention to detail that has been invested into this unit, provides the owner with one of the world’s leading electric winches.


  • Rated line pull 9500lbs (42.23 kN)
  • Gear reduction ratio: 233: 1 (12V)
  • Power consumption 5.5 hp / 4.2kW (DC12V)
  • Control remote switch, 3,7 m lead
  • Gear train 3 stage planetary gear train
  • Clutch sliding ring gear
  • Breaking action automatic in-the-drum
  • Fairlead 4-way roller fairlead
  • Remote control through control box and switch
  • Battery leads 2 gauge, 1.83 mm
  • Overall dimensions: 545 (L) x 160 mm (W) x 226 mm (H) mm
  • Drum size 63 (D) mm x 224 (L) mm
  • Cable: 9.2mm (D) x 26m (L)
  • Weight: 31.6 kg (32 kg: -S TYPE)
  • Mounting bolt pattern: 254 x 114.3mm
  • Warranty: 3 years

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