Sand plates

Firm grip off the beaten track

Sand plates - not only in soft sand passages an important collaborator but also indispensable in the mud and also useful as a support for the jack.

For trips in sand deserts or muddy areas, sand plates are an important tool to get stuck vehicles going again or to overcome obstacles. Also as a base for jacks or hi-lifts the sand plates are ideal as they spread the force over a larger area, thus preventing it from sinking. They can also be useful in ordinary situations: While taking a shower, they can serve as a base and provide clean feet. With a hinged mount they will quickly convert to a table or shelf, providing additional floor space for example in outdoor cooking.

How many sand plates should be take on a trip is depending on how difficult the planned tour can get. For small sand fillings and as a starting aid two sand plates are usually sufficient. To cross impassable stretches of sand you might need up to six sand plates - this allows you to cross the whole passage through “bridging” by driving on the plates.

Sand plates or boards on the market are available in different materials (aluminum, steel or Kevlar).

The advantage of aluminum sand plates compared to steel sheets is clearly the much lower weight.

With aluminum sand plates you can also bridge cavities. This makes them superior compared to Kevlar sand boards, as they can bridge small gaps. Kevlar boards are suitable for pressure distribution on a surface but break as soon as they have to bridge a cavity.

Aluminum sand plates should have a thickness of at least 4mm to provide required stability. A rough perforation provides an excellent grip.

We therefore advise our customers our rough perforated aluminum sand plates:

  • For medium-duty vehicles up to 4 tons of weight
  • Dimensions: 150 x 41 cm
  • Thickness: 4 mm
  • Weight: 13 Kg / pair
  • Very stable
  • Good grip

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