- the "jack" for off-road applications and depending on your destination an indispensable rescue tool in rough terrain

A Hi-Lift is flexible and can be used both for the salvage of vehicles as well as the easy wheel removal.


  • Length 1.50 m
  • Lifting capacity up to 3 t
  • Lifting height 125 cm
  • Cast hoist
  • Actuating lever and plate made of sheet steel


Mounting Kit for Bull Bar

With its long and bulky size a Hi-Lift is often difficult to accommodate in or on the vehicle. One solution is to attachment to the bull bar. We offer a corresponding mounting kit.

Hi-Lift rim adapter

The rim adapter makes it easy to lift the vehicle. The adapters are attached to two holes in the rim – also suitable for alloy wheels due to the plastic coating of steel hooks.

Hi-Lift off-road shim

Allows stable footing and prevents sinking on soft ground.

Hi-Lift neoprene

Protects the mechanical parts of the Hi-Lift effective against water and dirt.

Hi-Lift protective bag

Transport bag for the Hi-Lift made of durable polyester fabric.

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