Turbo Upgarde System

Finally - a reliable, durable and efficient turbo upgrade kit for more power and less fuel consumption.

You want the performance and stability of the 1HD-T original Toyota engine for your Toyota? A real advantage especially in difficult terrain, on steep slopes passages in sandy terrain or with heavier bodies and loads. A motor replacement is too expensive and you do not believe in a retrofit kit until now?

There is a continuous debate about retrofit kits. Again and again news on thermal overload and piston damage spread around the community. No one wants that and therefore many refrain from the desired engine performance. The causes are not perfectly matching "old" and "new” components which thereby are used together.

Finally there is a reliable, powerful and stable turbo upgrade kit available from Tom's Fahrzeugtechnik.

Our system differs significantly from other systems currently available on the market, because our solution offers components that perfectly match.


  • It is durable
  • It is thermally stable
  • It runs effectively and sustainably
  • It uses less fuel
  • It improves the performance

Our system includes a specially revised cylinder head with a lowered compression which brings it on the same level with the 1HD-T engine - thus no occurrence of too high temperatures and piston damage.
In addition, we integrate an intercooler which furthermore improves the temperature resistance and contributes to better power delivery and reduced fuel consumption.
To ensure that all components cope with the long term force we always add a reinforced gearbox and a reinforced clutch.

All in all, it results in an engine which is in performance and durability on par with the legendary 1HD-T original Toyota engine.

Visitors to the “bush taxi meeting 2013” in Germany were already convinced of the efficiency of the former prototype. On our autumn 2013 tour across the Erg Oriental in Tunisia, the engine could prove itself extensively under heaviest conditions. Today (2014) you get an extensively tried and tested solution from us which we have meanwhile installed in over 20 customer vehicles.

Especially recommended for:

  • Vehicles with rear extension (because higher weight)
  • Desert tours
  • Driving in high altitudes, such as crossing of the Andes or tours in the Himalayas or the Karakorum

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Dezember 2013

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