World Travel Ready

What are you waiting for? Live your dream...

and discover the world!

You are planning a trip across continents or the entire world? Then we would like to design the perfect "World Travel Ready" vehicle for you.

Through our special rear extension your vehicle becomes a space wonder. The custom-made interiors with a kitchenette, wardrobes, wardrobe fabric pouches, hot water boiler, water and bio-filter system, integrated Porta-Potti toilet, diesel heater and outdoor shower leaves no wish unfulfilled. The power supply of the vehicle and living space by the solar panels and energy management makes you completely independent of the civilization.

Reinforced and higher chassis components and optimal off-road tires brings the necessary additional ground clearance and increase your loading capacities. Under ride protection shields your vehicle on rough and rocky trails.

Additional tanks for fuel and water, a bumper with winch and many more options, turns your vehicle into a "World Travel Ready" expedition vehicle.

  • Configuration

    Ausstattungsvorschlag "Weltreise" und mögliche Zusatzausstattungen

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