Travel Ready

Enjoy the charm of individual travel

You want to hit the road with your Toyota LandCruiser?

You desire everything to go on a journey? 4x4 trips combined with a comfortable place to sleep and a small "kitchen": Upon request, we produce a “Travel Ready” vehicle out of every Toyota LandCruiser.

This "basic equipment" brings you closer to your goals!

We make your car “Travel-Ready” through a pop up sleeping roof which sleeps 2 people and a vehicle extensions and conversions.

In addition to a comfortable place to sleep the pop up roof allows additional headroom in your vehicle during camping. A kitchenette with sink and gas stove as well as an ENGEL compressor fridge, from our range of accessories, completes your comfortable independence. The kitchen gives you the category of a special vehicle motorhome, for affordable insurance and road tax purposes.


Find below an example of a “Travel Ready” vehicle. In the left column you will find a vehicle with an appropriate equipment proposal. In the right column you will find possible additional equipment that could be useful depending on travel planning and desires. We would be happy to advise you on your personal optimum equipment.

Base Vehicle

  Standard-Configuration Optional
Price (excl. VAT) 62.900,-€  
Vehicle HZJ78  
2 years warranty up to max. 50.000Km Standard  
Air conditioning manually Standard  
Servo assisted steering Standard  
ABS Standard  
Original air snorkel Toyota with air ram Standard  
Puncture repair kit and a small package of spare parts Standard  

Motor & Antriebsstrang

  Standard-Configuration Optional
Standard 1HZ engine 131HP Standard  
Euro 6 system SK with SCR catalytic system and particulate filter Standard  
Upgrade with: Turbo kit and Intercooler system Tom's for 1HZ engine   Price Premium
Upgrade with: Turbo 1HZ-T-12V engine 170PS Euro 6 with SCR KAT, reinforced clutch (for high continuous load ) and enforced shift- and transfer-gearbox H151 from the petrol version   Price Premium
Intercooler system Tom's (only in combination with 1HZ turbo engine)   Price Premium
Trabold high-performance oil filter for extra long trips   Price Premium
Aluminum high-performance radiator Terrain Tamer   Price Premium
Aluminum radiator in tropical design with reinforced mesh   Price Premium
Double diesel filter system Toms, pre-filter with sight glass and heated main filter Standard  
Four wheel drive manually switchable Standard  
Permanent four-wheel (only in combination with 1HD-T engine)   Price Premium
Electromechanical differential locks front & rear   Price Premium
Differential locks ELocker from Terrain Tamer   Price Premium
ARB Differential locks"airlocker" FA + RA (compressor unit required)   Price Premium
Raising of the axle venting   Price Premium
Swivel hose   Price Premium
Manual free-wheeling hubs Standard  

Reifen, Felgen, Bremsanlage, Fahrwerk

Ausstattung Standard-Configuration Zusatz
5 x Kompletträder Reifen All-Terrain 285/75R16 BF-Goodrich AT (126) verstärkte Version auf 8x16 Stahlfelgen (Reserverad oben auf dem Dach) Standard  
5 x Kompletträder Reifen All-Terrain 285/75R16 BF-Goodrich AT (126) verstärkte Version auf 5 x aluminum rims with 1.360kg supporting capacity (Reserverad oben auf dem Dach)   Price Premium
Tom's Reifenhülle Standard  
Kompressoranlage ViAir460 im Motorraum verbaut, inkl. 2L Edelstahlvorratsbehälter, Luftabschluss mit Reifenfüllarmaturen   Price Premium
Kompressor in Tragetasche komplett mit Füllschlauch und Anschluss   Price Premium
HD verstärkte Bremsanlage mit wesentlich besserter Standfestigkeit bei Hitze und besserem Reibwert. Standfest auch bei extremer Belastung.   Price Premium
Wheel spacers 30mm at the rear axle for equation to the track width of front axle Standard  
Plastic extension in body color for rear wheel housings Standard  
Mud flaps with rubber lips adapted for the bigger wheels Standard  
OME suspension heavy version with greasable Shackles, Pins, Caster kit and Steering Damper Standard  
OME Nitro Charger Sport shock absorbers Standard  
Adjustable Pro Shocker from Terrain Tamer   Price Premium
Adjustable Tough Dog Shock Absorber with Lift Kit   Price Premium
Reinforced RA suspension incl. Stabilizer   Price Premium

Underbody protection, Bumpers, Winch,…

  Standard-Configuration Optional
Extensive body cavity and underbody protection with wax Standard  
Underbody protection 8mm aluminum for Gearbox   Price Premium
Underbody protection 8mm aluminum for Transfer Case & Tank   Price Premium
Underbody protection 8mm aluminum for Front Axle   Price Premium
AFN bumper for winch Standard  
AFN rear bumper with stable swivel spare-wheel carrier, taillights included   Price Premium
Swivel mounted can holder for AFN rear bumper   Price Premium
Winch Terrain Tamer 9500 Water Resistant (only in combination with winch bumper)   Price Premium
Hi-Lift mounted on front bumper, protective neoprene cap, rim adapter, base plate   Price Premium


Ausstattung Standard-Configuration Optional
Headlight Lazer Lamps ST 4   Price Premium
Hella Luminator auxiliary headlight (halogen)   Price Premium
Headlight stone guard, made of Makrolon   Price Premium

Vehicle Other

Ausstattung Standard-Configuration Optional
Step plates 4 pcs: Aluminum checker plate on wingtop and front shield   Price Premium
Rear ladder   Price Premium
Panoramic hatch   Price Premium
Dark tinted side and rear windows with 3M lamination   Price Premium
Sliding rear windows in the cabin Standard  
Fabric seats Standard  
Scheelmann comfort seats Traveller F with lumbar support   Price Premium
Casemaker center console (gray birch plywood)   Price Premium
Cab shelves   Price Premium
Door pockets for the cab   Price Premium
Airbag for driver and front passenger Standard  
Sport steering wheel RAID Dinoflex black   Price Premium
Wind deflectors ClimAir Black   Price Premium
Bosch compressor horn   Price Premium
Individual seat with 3-point-belt rear (bottom plate in the back cabin required). Seat can be back folded to create lying surface for bed   Price Premium
Toyota radiator emblem   Price Premium
Pioneer Radio-CD-USB, remote control, window antenna, 4 loud speaker   Price Premium

Parts and Recovery Kits

  Standard-Configuration Optional
Tom's spare part Kit Travel   Price Premium
Toms' spare part Kit Long-Haul Travel   Price Premium
Tom's Recovery Kit   Price Premium


  Standard-Configuration Optional
Pop up roof Tom's checker-plate Standard  
Pop up roof Tom's painted in body color   Price Premium
Awning 210cm Caravanstore   Price Premium
Airline lashing rails on the roof   Price Premium
Boat roof hatch GEBO   Price Premium
2 working headlights at the rear; switchable from inside   Price Premium
Piping rails left and right Standard  
Tent fabric Airtex gray with rear opening in the back Standard  
Airline railon both side plates with two sand plates Tom's Standard  
2 x foldable sand plates holder (table)   Price Premium
2 x additional sand plates mounted on Airline rail   Price Premium
All terrain trailer hitch with interchangable system with ball or tread chequer plate   Price Premium
Tom's roof box light weight   Price Premium


Furniture, Seat Cushions, Wardrobe Sachets,…

  Standard-Configuration Optional
Custom made interior fittings in flightcase material Casemaker. Includes bed area below.   Price Premium
Seat box with discreetly housed chemical toilet (Integrated Porta Potti Toilet-10L)   Price Premium
Airline fastening rails in the center aisle   Price Premium
Bed construction MonoPan with 8cm cushion   Price Premium
Bed boards also suitable for bed area below   Price Premium
"Froli Travel" - perfect comfort and optimal ventilation of the mattress   Price Premium
Table movable in length, can be used as a work surface or dining table   Price Premium
Seat cushion   Price Premium
Clothes Sachets   Price Premium

Cooking, Sink, Fridge, Heater,..

  Standard-Configuration Optional
Portable stove in the rear firmly integrated in top loader box   Price Premium
Stainless steel sink unit with scratch-resistant smoked glass cover and folding faucet   Price Premium
Webasto Diesel Cooker X100 (instead of gas stove)with height adjustment up to 1.500m above sea level   Price Premium
ENGEL compressor fridge MT-35F   Price Premium
Alternative Engel fridges    
Webasto air heater Airtop 2000 ST with standard control and altitude switch   Price Premium
Webasto air heater Airtop 2000 ST with digital combi timer and altitude switch   Price Premium
Coolant water heater Thermo Top C Motorcaravan to warm up the water (coolant) cycle of the vehicle engine and when installed the warm water boiler   Price Premium

Energy, Lighting, Water System, ...

Ausstattung Standard-Configuration Optional
Standard Package Solar System and Energy Management:
- IBS battery management system with display
- 2-way battery holder mounted in the engine compartment with 70Ah starter battery and 100Ah AGM auxiliary battery
- Fuses / distribution panel
- Diverse outlets, 12V power outlets, lighting
  Price Premium
Solar Panel 2x55W mounted on roof   Price Premium
Battery charger C-Tek (charging current 0.8 A or 8 A, depending on the charging mode) with external power 220V access, to charge the auxiliary battery (starter battery via IBS)   Price Premium
Sinus-converter 12/220V (1000 Watt)   Price Premium
LED bar lightning over cooking place Standard  
LED gooseneck lamp   Price Premium
LED light strips - an energy-efficient lighting   Price Premium
Additional LED lights   Price Premium
Underframe mounted water tank 100L (only in conjunction with stainless steel side exhaust) with water level display (interior)   Price Premium
Water system with: Shur-Flo pump, Seagull germ filtration system, pressure compensation tank, shower hose and water tap on sink (in conjunction with 100L underground water tank) or additional water canister system.   Price Premium
Additional water canister 1,2 or 3x13L with submersible pump and water tap   Price Premium
Water heater 10L Elgena on vehicle cooling system or 220V   Price Premium
Outside socket for outdoor shower   Price Premium
Working lights   Price Premium
External 220V connection   Price Premium


  Standard-Configuration Optional
UKW or CB 2 way radio transceiver*   Price Premium
Navigation complete solution*   Price Premium
Navigation TFT screen*   Price Premium
Alarm system*   Price Premium

* (We advise you and will recommend the appropriate current solution tailored to your needs)

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