Long-haul Travel Ready

The wilderness calls!

More comfort for your bigger travel goals - discover the possibilities.
Are you planning major journeys and tours? You already have travel experience and want to extend them? You want to travel over a longer period than the usual holiday? Then we plan with you a "Long-haul travel-ready" vehicle.

To master the slopes, dunes or other off-road challenges, we equip your vehicle with reinforced and higher chassis components and with improved tires. This brings additional ground clearance and increases your loading capacities. With our additional fuel and water tanks, a bull bar bumper with winch, etc… you travel more relaxed in remote areas.

With a pop up sleeping roof which sleeps 2 people and increases headroom during camping, an interior construction with kitchenette (sink, stove and ENGEL compressor fridge/freezer) and a discretely housed chemical toilet, electricity and water supply system, we make your car „Long-haul Travel Ready”.

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    Ausstattungsvorschlag "Fernreise" und mögliche Zusatzausstattungen

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