Adventurous off the beaten tracks but at the same time enjoying travelling with a maximum of space and comfort.

Is that possible without the compromise demanded by a truck or alcove cab solution?

Yes - with our new, modern & smart concept: The Comfort Cruiser.

The decision for a vehicle concept is always based on very individual considerations of what is personally important to you. The offers are manifold and the wishes inexhaustible. Often, however, wishes are mutually exclusive: Having a perfect off-road capability often leaves the comfort behind. But if you want plenty of space and comfort, the concept is often unsuitable for terrain and so big that small narrow streets and passages become a big problem.

Customers love our WorldCruiser concepts because they provide a perfect, individual symbiosis of off-road capability and comfort. Whether a highly off-road suitable motorhome based on a HZJ78 with popup sleeping roof, a larger and more comfortable cabin with rear extension and popup sleeping roof based on a HZJ78 or HZJ79 or a special solution for 3-4 people, travel dreams can be fulfilled for a wide variety of demands.

So far, however, there was a group of travelers to whom we could not offer a solution. Those who are looking for a robust and reliable vehicle platform but at the same time weight big importance to maximum space in the cabin.

We wanted to change that.

We came up with the idea, as a longtime customer, who had traveled already large parts of the world with his WorldCruiser HZJ79 with rear extension, had to change his priorities for health reasons. He needed easier, spacious freedom of movement and space for a walking frame. He did not want to give up the platform of the proven Toyota LandCruiser. All the other solutions on the market were not robust enough, too old-fashioned or just too big and clunky.

We realized that we need an innovative and clever solution, not just for this individual case, but to complement and extend our offers.

  • For those travelers who do not want a popup roof, but a high fixed roof in order to always move freely inside or to defy the storms of Patagonia or the cold of Iceland.
  • For those travelers who want a larger passage from the cab to the cabin.
  • For those travelers who do not want to climb up into a popup sleeping roof in the evening, but who want to sleep comfortably downstairs.
  • For those travelers who want a very easy and comfortable access to the vehicle through a large tailgate.
  • For those travelers who want the biggest possible storage space through external flaps or hanging clamps

Therefore, our team sat together to develop a concept, which offers a perfect solution for these demands in a modern looking design.

The result was the Comfort Cruiser.

The vehicle:
The LandCruiser HZJ79 is the legendary rugged and reliable off-road platform, being one of the most durable and solid vehicles. This pick-up is at home everywhere and is absolutely reliable even under the harshest conditions. Material expenditure and processing are of unique proven quality. In addition, we at Tom's offer a variety of options to complete the vehicle for self-sufficient, long trips (for example, additional diesel tanks, water tank, protection, reinforced chassis, special tires ...).

The rear extension:
All our vehicle rear extensions are custom-made and made of insulated aluminum sandwich parts.

With the maximum permitted superstructure, we create the largest possible footprint of 2.85 m length and 2.00 m width to offer plenty of space for individual design.

The cabin offers a headroom of 1.93 m (without floor covering). Even in bad or stormy weather or a noisy environment no pop-up roof with tent fabric needs to be opened to be able to move freely.
The roof of the driver's cab is raised to make it easier to get up and pass into the cabin.

At the rear there is an extra-large access hatch with divided door. So, boarding is simple child's play. Also, a ramp for a walking frame could be attached and in addition an excellent ventilation is guaranteed.

Windows, skylights and flaps can be placed individually.

The interior fittings are realized with our standard lightweight construction with original "Casemaker" - extremely sturdy, lightweight and tailor-made for the robust, off-road friendly interior of the mobile home. Whether gas stove or alcohol stove, whether PortaPotti or solid compost toilet - many possibilities. Tailored to the wishes, we design seats, sleeping area, sink and cool box, heating, hot water boiler, outdoor shower and much more.

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